Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

India is a country of diverse culture and tradition. A traditional North Indian wedding is a combination of vibrant and bright colours. Don’t be afraid to wear a bold colour for a North Indian wedding. If the bridal dress is bold and bright, the makeup should also compliment the wedding outfit. A North Indian Bride is cool and chirpy, she loves being traditional, but she loves being modern too. The North Indian Bridal makeup is bold, loud and a mix of its culture and traditions. Watch this video, which features a North Indian Bride, getting ready for her D-day.

Party Makeup

A fun night out with your girlfriends is incomplete without makeup, right? All you need for the perfect party makeup is a makeup kit packed with the best beauty products and a few handy makeup tips. With a hint of colour on your lips, cheek and eyes, you can be sure to make a statement wherever you choose to go. To know how to get a simple yet glamorous party look in less than 30 minutes, follow the video below.

For the party makeup look you choose to do, your outfit is as important as the makeup you add to it. However, whatever you decide to wear, the products in your makeup kit should include basics like as a concealer, foundation, kohl blush as well as a sexy lip colour.

Engagement Party

The engagement ceremony is equally important as the wedding. It is the perfect occasion for you to doll up and look uber cool in something trendy. You can absolutely go all out with your experiments and ideas. Weddings would still require you to be a little traditional but the engagement is one occasion where you can experiment.

The kind of makeup look you choose has a lot to do with your outfit. It needs to be in sync when it comes to the colour schemes used. However, there are loads of ideas that you can consider for your special day! Here we present to you some cool engagement makeup looks to draw some inspiration from.

Christian Makeup

Even though I’m Punjabi and big fat Punjabi Indian weddings fascinate me, but still I have a wish to marry in a church. Actually I’m just greedy and I want to marry in both the ways, church marriage as well as the typical Punjabi Indian wedding.

Anyway, so I thought many of you might be interested in seeing a step by step makeup tutorial on a simple church marriage look along with some tips and tricks. It is also suitable for proms, weddings or basically any special event or maybe a date!